10 Things to keep in mind before joining GDG DevFest Hackathon 2017


With the DevFest 2017 season taking place from September to November in 18 chapters in South East Asia, GDG MienTrung is proud to be the leading organizer of DevFest to host a Hackathon in Vietnam.

Hackathon is the ideal program to help developers improve their team-work, critical thinking and communication skills.

An opportunity for you to experience a unique season for developers in Danang, let’s take a closer look at 10 things to note before you click the sign-up button.

1. Joining DevFest is an opportunity to experience the joys that anyone must have at least once in a lifetime?

✔️  Let’s code seamlessly with us in 48 hours uninterruptedly.
✔️  Let’s enhance your skills, learn from other teams, challenge yourself in a professional working environment.
✔️  Let’s meet with 15 IT supporters who all have over-4-year experience and the mentors who are CEOs and Founders of IT companies in Da Nang, Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh city and even abroad.
✔️  Let’s get chances of being recruited by IT companies who are involved in this event.
✔️  Let’s enjoy all free food and drinks and receive our awesome T-shirts for coders.

2. Who can join DevFest?

– If you are an IT student, this is a great opportunity for you to experience and learn new knowledge by joining the teams. Whether you have an idea or not yet, you are still welcome to sign up, IT teams and Mentors will be there to support you.

– If you are a developer and are nurturing some idea related to mobile application, this is a great opportunity for you to focus on developing and perfecting the product just within two days. You can also get this occasion to pitch your ideas, find members who are interested, receive feedbacks from IT supporters, mentors, judges and, in particular, demonstrate your product in front of 500 tech-lovers on DEMODAY.

– If you are tech-lovers, do not hesitate to register! This is a great chance for you to connect with others and improve your knowledge

3. Register GDG DevFest Hackathon Competition

– We expect to select 100 best developers and IT students from the registration list and form them into 20 teams for doing hackathon in 48 consecutive hours. After that is a Demoday for teams to present their products to the panel of judges and the tech-lovers community of over 500 people. Hackathon will happen from the Saturday morning of Nov 18th to midday of Sunday, Nov 19th, 2017.

– The Demoday in the Sunday afternoon of 19 Nov will consist of the sharing from the Speakers in the IT industry, as well as pitching of the best applications/products from the Mobile Hackathon teams to compete for the prizes.

4. What are the general rules for participants?

– You can register individually or in groups.

– A team must consist of at least 3 members and no more than 7.

– During the two days of hackathon, you can develop the application with any brand-new ideas, or you may develop the previous ideas you have (but that idea must not be developed over 30%, our technical teams will check and judge for that).

– For products that have been developed more than 30% before the hackathon, they may still be pitched but will not be eligible to win prizes.

– The idea/project should use at least 1 technology from Google: Android, Firebase, Google Assistant, AI, VR, Google Cloud services …

– The proportion of participants is expected to be 60% of IT students and 40% of developers from companies.

– After receiving your registration, the organizer will review your profile and send you an email confirming you are selected to join Hackathon 2017 after November 5, 2017.

5. Rewards

– Special reward: We will organize a study tour to Google Singapore where you can visit their office and join their workshop. This is for 4 developers who are selected from the winning teams.
– First prize: 5 MILLION VND + gifts from Organizer
– Creative prize: 3 MILLION VND + gifts from Organizer
– Young talent prize: 2 MILLION VND + gifts from Organizer
– Consolidation prize: 1 MILLION VND + gifts from Organizer

6. Registration fee

This is an event free of registration fee, amongst a lot of other provided-for-free things.

7. Health notes

– Get enough rest. Exercise. Good Spirit before joining DevFest

– Homecares team will be there for supporting you with any health problems.

8. Registration form

– Register for Hackathon Competition 2017: http://bit.ly/devfesthackathon17

– Register to join Demoday: http://bit.ly/devfestdemoday17

9. Organizers and Sponsors

– Organizers: Google Developer Group MienTrung (GDG Mien Trung and Danang Event and Communications of DNES. (DNE-DNES)

– Media Sponsor: ICT Danang

– Gold sponsor: Long Van System Solution

– Venue sponsor: Ngoc Lan Hotel

– Silver sponsor: Ylinkee

– Bronze sponsors: SmartDev, Wakumo Vietnam

– Crowdfunding: Gameloft Danang Studio, Appota Vietnam, IGS, Sioux Danang

– In-kind sponsors: Zody Company Limited, iViettech – Professional Programming Training Center, QUANGTUART UNIFROM, English Corner, Homecares, GreenWeb…

10. How to keep in touch with organizers?

GDG DevFest MienTrung 2017

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