About BAP

BAP is the abbreviation of “Be Advanced Partner”. Customers as well as employees consider each other as “partners” at work and always actively share with each other.

BAP was founded with the mission of technological innovation to create good products for society in general as well as to motivate product developers in particular. This is a long and continuous journey of the company.

BAP wishes to develop a  professional and leading foreign language skill staff; develop outsourcing services, high-quality and high-value startups towards domestic and international market. BAP also aims at new technologies that bring efficiency, high security in the technology industry, making it a favorite for creators and users.

Let’s take a look at what BAP has achieved:

  • In February 2016, BAP was established with the first step of outsourcing to the Japanese market and the technology starting point is Blockchain. After 3 years of development, BAP has always been one of the leading companies in the Blockchain field in Vietnam’s fintech mindmap 2019.
  • For nearly 3 years, BAP has also been evaluated as one of the fast growing companies in the Central region. It is the enthusiastic efforts of young and enthusiastic staff, the support of the community and partners. In the next phase, BAP will have many promising changes that bring positive development to the staff.
  • The services that we are doing:

We hope to receive lots of support from all of you!

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