Framgia Inc. – Where technology makes the world an “Awesome” place

Framgia Inc. is a Japanese corporation, operating in the field of information technology. With the message “We make it awesome!”, Framgia Inc. embraced the mission to create great values for society by applying technology. In the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, we believe that technology and technological talent would be the key to a solid future.

Until now, Framgia Inc. has been present in 6 cities in 5 countries across Asia, creating an international working environment for its members and we will do our best to reach even further in the future.

Framgia Inc. – Where technology makes the world an “Awesome” place

At Framgia Inc., our mission is to create many “Awesome” values by developing technology that aims to change the society in a better way. Till this day, Framgia has successfully launched more than 200 technology products, creating a strong cooperation with 160 customers.

3 areas of activity

Software Development

We conduct research in information technology and explore potential new technology trends to develop applications (web, app, game) for our partners, as well as for Framgia.

Business development

We support and invest many potential startup companies in the field of technology as well as corporating with large companies around the world to produce technology products.

Human Development

We care about training and giving internship opportunities to young talents. Engineers at Framgia Inc. are thoroughly recruited among potential candidates from the top information technology universities in Vietnam. Framgia invests in developing the Awesome Academy – a professional programming training center, with the hope of fostering generations of elite programmers with international standards in the future.

Framgia’s main development direction in 2018 is to support Startup Studio’s activities – corporating with the potential Start-ups to help with development in multiple areas (engineering, personnel, marketing, …)

Currently, the Startup Studio model is available in many countries but with low quantity, especially in Asia. Framgia Inc. has also started as a Startup with only 5 people and has grown to a corporation of than 1000 employee in Vietnam in only 5 years. Therefore, why not supporting the other potential Startups do it?

Besides work, Framgia Inc. values human factor. Here, human development is the priority, with the belief that every engineer is a creator of revolutionary products.

Framgia always encourages creativity, constantly challenges to reach new heights and uses information technology to connect the world and make the society a better one.

Each Framgia office owns a modern look and is fully equipped for work purpose. Conference rooms, professional libraries and Free Space are catered towards employees’ comfortability, as well as for many academic and recreational events at Framgia.

We create an ideal working environment with a variety of extracurricular activities: 10 professional and rewarding events for the community, more than 25 cultural events, and yearly entertainment activities for employees.

Framgia has given many awards, recognizing every effort coming from different fields. We believe that success will not come from work alone but also from the spirit of the member. When there is a good spirit, each individual will have the motivation to overcome any challenge.

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