ECOMDY – Comprehensive E-Commerce platform for cross-border E-Commerce.

Ecomdy is an E-Commerce platform developed by Ylinkee company. We build a comprehensive platform specifically for cross-border sellers. Accompanying with Ecomdy, customers are not only provided with technical solutions but also connected with Ecomdy’s partner ecosystem including suppliers, fulfillment, payment, marketing…

In particular, Ecomdy focuses on building automated marketing solutions, helping sellers easily optimize costs for marketing campaigns, and still ensuring efficiency – maximum revenue. In the future, Ecomdy is ambitious to take the lead in applying AI to the platform to help sellers increase the return rate of buyers on their websites.

Ecomdy Core Members

In addition to Ecomdy Platform, Ecomdy also has a subsidiary, Ecomdy Media, the official agency of TikTok in Vietnam. Currently, Ecomdy Media is supporting about 500 customers in many countries around the world to advertise on TikTok. Ecomdy Media is gradually achieving solid growth milestones, complementing the comprehensive marketing system that Ecomdy Platform is building.

Starting from a startup that has researched and developed many technology products, Ecomdy has built a team of highly capable technicians that are sensitive to changes in technology and the market. In addition to the technical background, the founders of Ecomdy have 6 years of experience in the cross-border industry. Along with building products, Ecomdy is building a team of young, dynamic, willing to work, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of getting rich 😉.

Young people who love technology, are interested in e-commerce, are looking for a creative working environment, many opportunities to learn and develop themselves can contact Ecomdy via our fan-page. We are still vacant for some programmer positions, waiting for your companion shortly.

Ecomdy would like to sincerely thank Google Devfest MienTrung, you guys have created a great playground, incubated a love of technology, and connected businesses with young resources. We are honored to sponsor and accompany the program!