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Founded in 2013, Enlab Software always strives to create an innovative space for transforming business ideas into world-class digital products. As our client network is from America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and Thailand…, Enlab ends up being one of the ideal workspaces for talented software engineers. Here, they are exposed to global clients, develop expertise, accumulate experiences, and boost up English skills.

The 7th-anniversary celebration

Alongside delivering excellent services to our clients, we aim to build a professional and bonding working environment. At Enlab, all members can get on-the-job training, technical seminars, English training, and various team-building activities for a balanced growth in both career and life. We believe that a professional and inspiring environment will spread positive energies for each individual’s growth. When everyone has an equal opportunity to prove, dedicate and support each other on their journey to success, that’s when happiness comes to us.

Monthly technical seminars
Weekly English training level-by-level

Enlab Software is now accompanying a team of 60 software engineers in .NET, Angular, VueJS, Python, Flutter,… and we’re on our way to scaling up our team, with the aim to deliver more high-quality products to our clients. 

Enlab Team Building 2020

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