Founded in April 2017, Wakumo Vietnam is an R&D center in Vietnam focused on Blockchain technology, Microservices, Machine Learning and mobile application. Using available databases of our parent company in Japan along with advanced technology allows us to create high-quality IT products and services and optimize system’s security and stability. With an aim of being a leading center in the Hi-tech industry, we strive to research and deliver the most cutting-edge technologies and products to the world.

Not only focusing on training a professional staff, but Wakumo Vietnam also provides the most dynamic, comfortable and friendly working environment in order to encourage each individual member’s creativity. At Wakumo Vietnam, avant-garde ideas and working efficiency are core values and highly appreciated. All staff have enthusiasm for work, willingness to learn, researching and approaching leading technologies in order to create new ideas and turn them into reality. With the effect of Japanese culture, Wakumo Vietnam has been trying to make the company environment more open and friendly by lending an ear if each member has opinions or questions. This helps the company grow rapidly and deserve to become one of the leading centers in the Hi-tech industry.

About the most outstanding application product of Wakumo Vietnam, it is an application named Sumica – One of the best digital platforms that supports users to find a job, rent a living place. With Sumica, you can find rooms, apartments for rent or jobs easily on your own smartphone! It is available on both website platforms and mobile applications. Smart, convenient and easy to use – Sumica will be available whenever you need.

Currently, Wakumo Vietnam has always been willing to welcome and collaborate with investors around the world to form long-lasting and sustainable relationships. The company commits to bring specialized knowledge and considerable experience, which helps the joint venture become more competent and strong enough to move forward in a particular direction. Besides, Wakumo Vietnam is inclined to support entrepreneurs and give them access to benefits on both technical and financial aspects, which can help their businesses survive and accelerate in the contemporary competitive environment.

If you want to become a part of the company, do not hesitate to contact: https://wakumo.vn/#career 

For more information about Wakumo Vietnam: https://wakumo.vn/