Established in 2019, TAG Ventures is proud to be a venture capital that has successfully supported and winged many potential blockchain projects in the domestic and international markets.

With the mission of raising the bar for many promising projects to step out worldwide, TAG Ventures always follows the criterion WIN – WIN as the guideline in the effort of supporting every detail to help the partners develop and complete their optimal resources and fee in the best way.

TAG Ventures has been focusing on investment services, support and operation consulting as well as media sponsorship to create many opportunities for blockchain projects covered in different fields such as Unbound, Kambria, Enjinstarter… Especially recently, TAG Ventures has cooperated with many potential NFT Game projects such as Wanaka Farm, Step Hero, Pegaxy… Wanaka Farm and Stephero project has more than 100,000 active members on official global telegram groups.

In addition, TAG Ventures is an energetic and dynamic working environment with a collection of knowledgeable, experienced, agile, inquisitive and creative individuals to integrate with the developing  blockchain industry in Vietnam.

TAG Ventures is honored to be a companion of GDG DevFest Central Region 2021 with the hope of finding, incubating and nurturing potential technology project “seeds” in Fintech & Blockchain field in the near future.

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