Established in 2004, VNG is the technology champion of Vietnam in 5 countries with more than 4000 employees. Advanced technology products are developed by Vietnamese engineers, such as: Zalo, ZaloPay, ZingPlay, Zing MP3, Bao Moi. VNG’s technology ecosystem now serves millions of users and organizations in more than 100 countries. 

Our mission is to “Build technologies and Grow people. For a better life.” Operating an innovative ecosystem with four key groups of products, VNG is committed to offering a more diverse and seamless online experience to customers worldwide.

At VNG, our mission is “Build Technologies and Grow People. For a Better Life” with 3 core values: Embracing challenges, Advancing Partnership and Upholding Integrity. Currently, VNG focuses on developing four key business groups: Online Games, Connected Platforms, Finance & Payments, Cloud Services.

In 2020, VNG won the title of Top 2 Most Attractive Employer Brands voted by IT Students. For 2 consecutive years, VNG has been honored in the Top Best Places to Work in Southeast Asia by HR Asia Magazine polled and voted.



Online Games: As one of the top game publishers in the Southeast Asian region, VNGGames imports and distributes major Intellectual Property (IP) game titles in Vietnam and across the Southeast Asian region. ZingPlay is VNG’s international platform that focus on our self-developed games that serve frontier and emerging markets.

Connected Platforms: VNG’s technology ecosystem consists of mobile platforms and applications that support users in daily activities, ranging from communication (Zalo) to music sharing (Zing MP3), video streaming (Zing TV), and comprehensive up-to-date news coverage (Bao Moi).

Finance & Payments: ZaloPay, a digital wallet developed by VNG and a flagship product of VNG, functions as an intermediary payment platform for seamless online transactions. According to a survey by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine, ZaloPay is Vietnam’s leading mobile wallet ecosystem.

Cloud Services: VNG Cloud provides businesses with world-class cloud computing services and solutions, supporting companies in their digital transformation journey through the launch of various products, such as vServer, vCDN, vStorage, vCloudcam, vCloudStack, vMeeting, vCloudDrive, vDB, Digital Workspace.